What is Patent Information

What is Patent Information?

To acknowledge and reward the efforts of creators and inventors is a part of human history. In modern times, patent system is a formal mechanism to reward the inventors and secure their investment in innovation. Patent system is a contract between the state and inventor, where inventor is provided limited monopoly rights, in exchange with disclosure of their inventions to the public. The foundational components of patent system including ‘protection’ and ‘disclosure’ are equally important to support innovation and creativity in the country.
In response to disclosure requirement, patent system creates high quality prior art in the form of published patent documents. Initially, patent information was mainly used by patent attorneys before filing a new patent application or in patent infringement matters. However, now patent information has wider recognition and utilization including its use by researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, inter alia. Disclosed patent information is significant to promote the follow up innovations. It is also utilized to monitor the general research trends, latest research in a specific field of technology, research activities of competitors and to locate the business and research partners. The patent information is available in the form of modern, sophisticated and easily accessible databases. The establishment of the TISC network in Pakistan is an endeavor to introduce local researchers, scholars and traders to this unique source of technical information.
TISC initiative is in line with Article 13(xv) of IPO Pakistan Act, 2012 which requires the organization to promote IP awareness in public and private sector and Article 13(ix) which obliges to make IP data accessible to the public.